Mr. John Franzoni, Superintendent of North Berkshire School Union

Mr. Franzoni is the Superintendent of Schools for the North Berkshire School Union and has over 30 years of experience as an educator, including the principal of Brayton Elementary School in the North Adams Public Schools. Mr. Franzoni has also worked as an assistant principal, dean of students, math teacher, athletic director, and basketball coach during his time educating students from pre-kindergarten through their college years. He is a native of North Adams and still resides in that town with his wife, Ellen. He earned a bachelors degree in Business Administration from Bryant University, as well as a degree of Master of Education in Curriculum and Teaching from Fitchburg State University. Mr. Franzoni is thankful for the opportunity to work with the dedicated students and staff members in the schools of the North Berkshire School Union and looks forward to meeting the families of the students in all towns to help maintain a positive, safe learning environment for our children every day in school. You can reach Superintendent Franzoni at 413-664-9292 Ext. 5201 or jfranzoni@nbsunion.com.

Ms. Jennifer Macksey, Assistant Superintendent of Operations & Finance

You can reach Ms. Macksey at 413-664-9292, Ext. 5205 or jmacksey@nbsunion.com

Mrs. Stephanie Pare, Director of Student Services

You can reach Mrs. Pare at 413-664-9292, Ext. 5204 or spare@nbsunion.com

Mrs. Tracey Tierney, Principal/Lead Learner

Mrs. Tierney is the principal and lead learner at Emma Miller Elementary School. She comes to Savoy with over 18 years of experience as a elementary and middle school teacher and administrator in Berkshire County. Mrs. Tierney holds a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Salve Regina University and master’s degree in Educational Administration from American International College (AIC). Mrs. Tierney is originally from Rhode Island and lives in Cheshire with her husband Shawn and her two golden retrievers, Tobey & Gracey. She has four grown children and two grandchildren. In her free time she enjoys camping, spending time with family, traveling, cheering on the Patriots and selling real estate. You can reach Mrs. Tierney at 413-743-1992, Ext. 5501 or ttierney@savoyelementary.com

Ms. Emily Anderson, Administrative & Instructional Aide

Ms. Anderson comes to Savoy with four years of experience in early childhood as a toddler and Preschool teacher and is EEC certified. She graduated from MCLA with a Bachelor's in social work and Psychology in 2017. Ms. Anderson is from North Adams where she lives with her twin boys Levi and Wyatt who are four years old. Ms. Anderson loves spending time with her family and friends, walking, and being outside. You can reach Ms. Anderson at eanderson@savoyelementary.com

Ms. Christina Engwer, Preschool & Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Engwer has been teaching in Savoy for seven years. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Behavior Analysis from MCLA, and a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. Ms. Engwer is originally from Adams, but now lives in Stamford, VT with her son Easton and German Shepard Axle. She enjoys spending time with family and read a good book in her free time. You can reach Ms. Engwer at Ext. 5504 or cengwer@savoyelementary.com

Mrs. Erica LeGrand, First & Second Grade Teacher

Mrs. LeGrand is the 1st & 2nd grade teacher at Emma Miller School. She is EEC certified and has taught preschool for 4 years. Mrs. LeGrand started working with youth at the age of 15, in the 21st Century After School Program in North Adams, and worked in that program for 8 years before completing her bachelors in elementary education and receiving her elementary teacher certificate. During the summers Mrs. LeGrand worked as a camp counselor for Camp Abenaki through the YMCA, and was also the YMCA’s Sports Camp Director for a year. After college she worked at Youth Center Inc. in Adams as an educational outreach coordinator and supervised the center’s drop-in program for two years. She then worked for AmeriCorps for two years at the COTY Youth Center in North Adams as the educational outreach coordinator and drop-in program staff. The year after completing her AmeriCrops work, she worked as the YMCA’s before and after care program coordinator and became EEC certified to teach preschool at the YMCA before accepting a job at Emma Miller as a 4/5 assistant teacher. Mrs. LeGrand taught the Emma Miller preschool in a half day capacity and was thrilled to teach the preschool program when it became a full time program. Mrs. Legrand also started the Emma Miller After School Program and remain its coordinator. Some fun facts about her are that she hosted a local television program for 4 years through the Northern Berkshire Community Television Corporation and was heavily involved in many of the Northern Berkshire Community Coalition’s youth programs, including the guardian statue project on display at Natural Bridge. Teaching preschool is her absolute most favorite job! You can reach Mrs. LeGrand at Ext. 5505 or elagrand@savoyelementary.com

Mrs. Kimberly Wells, Third & Fourth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Wells teaches third and fourth grade at Emma Miller Elementary School. She graduated in 1991 from American International College with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. She stayed home to raise her 3 children, Ethan, Kathryn, and Abby before returning to teaching in 2009 as a Title I teacher at Craneville School in Dalton. She then worked as a reading intervention teacher at Sullivan Elementary School in North Adams before coming to Emma Miller as a classroom teacher in 2013. She is passionate about helping children to see their own potential, and develop a love for learning. She has also coached many youth/high school sports teams over the years. Mrs. Wells lives in Windsor with her husband, Tim, and daughter Abby. Outside of school she is usually at one of her daughter’s soccer or softball games, sometimes traveling many miles! She enjoys watching sports, reading, listening to music, and spending time with her family. You can reach Mrs. Wells at Ext. 5506 or kwells@savoyelementary.com

Mrs. Jessica Badorini, Fifth & Sixth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Badorini is the 5th and 6th grade teacher at Emma Miller School. This is her fifth year teaching in this position. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Liberal Studies from Emmanuel College and a master’s of science degree in Elementary Education, specializing in Language and Literacy from Simmons College. Mrs. Badorini has been teaching for over 5 years at the elementary level. She currently lives in Pittsfield with her husband, Brad and her dog, Ollie. In her free time she enjoys reading, collecting succulents, watching football with her family, and taking classes to continue her education. You can reach Mrs. Badorini at Ext. 5507 or jbadorini@savoyelementary.com

Mrs. Karri Zepka, Special Education & Co-Teacher

Mrs. Zepka is the special education teacher, as well as the co-teacher in 1st, 4th and 6th grades. This is her second year at Emma Miller School. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and a Master’s of Education degree from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. Mrs. Zepka has been teaching for 6 years from elementary level to high school level in both special and general education. She currently lives in Savoy with her husband Jonathan, her son Ryder, and their cat Bynx. In her free time she enjoys playing with Ryder, watching dirt bike races, watching sports and visiting her family back in New York. You can reach Mrs. Zepka at Ext. 5508 or kzepka@savoyelementary.com

Mr. Brian Keller, STEM Teacher

Mr. Keller is the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) teacher at Emma L. Miller Elementary School. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) and a master’s degree in Health and Family Consumer Sciences from Cambridge College. He was recognized by Cambridge College in 2010 for their yearly review publication of “Agents of Change.” His studies focused on curriculum design and implementation of sports nutrition in consumer sciences. Mr. Keller is a two time Olympic Trials competitor, competing in Spokane, Washington in 1988 and Altoona, Pennsylvania in 1992. He competed in the 1986 Pan-America trails in Boulder, Colorado. He currently is a United States of America (USAC) certified coach level 2 with Distinction. A two time recipient of the “True Sports Awards Gold Medal Program” 2010 and 2011 from the United States Anti-Doping Agency in Colorado Springs. He is licensed in General Science, Physical Education, and Health and Family Consumer Sciences. Mr. Keller’s interests are road cycling, hiking and traveling with his wife Robin. Mr. Keller can be reached at bkeller@savoyelementary.com.

Mrs. Greta Facchetti, Physical Education & Art Teacher

Mrs. Greta Facchetti is the Physical Education and Art teacher. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of New Hampshire and a master’s degree in Education from Cambridge College. Ms. Facchetti has been an educator for over 20 years and is passionate about instilling the importance of an active lifestyle in her students. She is a Savoy native and is very proud to be teaching at the same elementary school that she attended as a child. She currently lives in Savoy with her husband, Blair and their daughter, Vienna and son, Chaz. When not working, you can find her actively enjoying the outdoors, practicing yoga, traveling, working in her garden or spending time with her family and friends. You can reach Mrs. Facchetti at gfacchetti@savoyelementary.com.

Ms. Meagheanne Donahue, Instructional Aide

Ms. Donahue has been at Emma L. Miller since 2009. She worked for several years as a one-on-one aide for special needs students. Mrs. Donahue also coordinates the Little Drummers, a children’s group dedicated to helping our communities, empowering children, and making our little patch of the world a better place. She lives in Adams with her son, Mace, and their little dog, Francis. Ms. Donahue enjoys spending time with her family, reading, volunteering, gardening, and collecting Early American folk art. You can reach Ms. Donahue at mdonahue@savoyelementary.com

Mrs. Sandra LaBonte, Instructional Aide

Mrs. LaBonte has worked at Emma Miller School for twenty years. She has been a teacher’s aide in every grade from PreK-5th. Most of her years have been in the K-1 classroom. Mrs. LaBonte enjoys working with children and helping them learn and grow. She likes to spend her time during summer vacation assisting in the Preschool Summer Camp. She also enjoys working in the yard, gardening, and canning fresh vegetables in the fall. In her free time, she enjoys walking, motorcycle rides with her husband and son, and spending time with family. You can reach Mrs. LaBonte at slabonte@savoyelementary.com

Mrs. Donna Maynard, Instructional Aide

Mrs. Maynard is entering her fifth year at Emma Miller School working as an instructional aide with the pre-school students. Mrs. Maynard is a Savoy native and is excited to give back to her community. She believes a child’s introduction to school is one of the most important times as they are leaving home and spreading their own little wings. Mrs. Maynard strives to help make this experience the best it can be. She has been married to her husband Robert for 44 years, has two grown daughters and 4 amazing grandchildren. She enjoys spending time with family, camping and hiking with her dog Buddie. You can reach Mrs. Maynard at dmaynard@savoyelementary.com

Mrs. Jamie Boucher, Speech Pathologist

Mrs. Boucher is the Speech-Language Pathologist at Emma Miller Elementary School. She has several years of experience working with school-age, preschool and young children in early intervention. Mrs. Boucher received a bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from The University of Massachusetts Amherst and master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from The College of Saint Rose. Mrs. Boucher lives in Clarksburg with her husband Collin. Outside of school she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and watching the Patriots! You can reach Mrs. Boucher at jboucher@nbsunion.com

Mrs. Jordan Rennell, Speech & Language Pathologist Assistant

Mrs. Rennell is a Speech and Language Pathologist Assistant in the North Berkshire School Union. Mrs. Rennell has nine years experience providing speech and language therapy within the public school and early intervention settings, for children ages birth thru high school. Mrs. Rennell attended Worcester State University completing her degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. She is currently enrolled in the Master of Education program at MCLA. Mrs. Rennell lives in North Adams, MA with her husband Aaron and two boys Mason and Myles. When not working she enjoys spending every moment with her children. You can reach Mrs. Rennell at jrennell@nbsunion.com.

Mrs. Christin George, Occupational Therapist

Mrs. George is the Occupational Therapist at Emma L. Miller Elementary and has been here since 1999. She comes to Savoy with 22 years of experience as a school-based therapist, working in both residential and public schools in NH, VT, and throughout North Berkshire County. Mrs. George holds a bachelor’s degree from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT. She is originally from New York and currently lives in North Adams with her husband Brice and 2 children, Emily and Jack. Outside of school, Mrs. George enjoys spending time with family and friends, exercising, yoga, going to see live music, reading, and working in her garden. You can reach Mrs. George at cgeorge@nbsunion.com

Mrs. Katelynn Pitoniak, Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant

Mrs. Pitoniak is an Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant in the North Berkshire School Union. She has several years of experience working with various populations birth to elderly in various different settings from early intervention, preschool, public schools, behavioral residential treatment centers, and the nursing home. Mrs. Pitoniak holds a Masters degree from Springfield College in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and her Associates degree from Maria College in Occupational Therapy Assisting. She is originally from North Adams, but currently resides in Pittsfield with her husband Nate and their two cats Ollie and Bandit. Outside of school, Mrs. Pitoniak enjoys spending time with her family and friends, going for hikes, exercising, and traveling.

Mr. Jon Friedman, School Adjustment Counselor

Mr. Friedman is the School Adjustment Counselor at Emma Miller School. He is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and Certified School Counselor that comes to Savoy with over 25+ years of experience working with students both in public and residential school settings. Mr. Friedman holds both a B.A. in Psychology and a Master of Social Work Degree from the University of Buffalo. He relocated with his wife in 1991 to the Berkshires where they have raised their three children. Outside of work, Mr. Friedman enjoys spending time in nature, playing his guitar, coaching and spending time with family. You can reach Mr. Friedman at Ext. 5321 or at jfriedman@nbsunion.com

Mr. Josh Arico, Technology Coordinator

You can reach Mr. Arico at 413-664-9292, Ext. 5206 or jarico@nbsunion.com

Ms. Claire Angeli, School Nurse

You can reach Nurse Claire at Ext.5503 or cangeli@savoyelementary.com

Mr. Leo Curtain, Custodian

Leo has been the custodian and maintenance person for Emma Miller School for a wicked, long time. He is also the Emma Miller Santa Claus during the holidays. Leo lives in Adams with his wife Patty.