Emma L. Miller Elementary School

Welcome to Emma L. Miller Elementary School in Savoy, MA

Our small, rural school offers a PreK(4 year-old) -6th grade program, with multi-grade classrooms. If you would like more information about our school, please contact our school office at 413-743-1992 or email our principal, Mrs. Tierney at ttierney@savoyelementary.com

Our Mission:

To create an environment where each child may reach his/her full potential and see education as a lifelong process.

Our Philosophy:

In order to help each student reach his/her full potential, we believe that:

…students need a safe, pleasant learning environment.

…students will be more successful when a partnership exists between

school, home, and the community.

…each student’s learning style should be appreciated and encouraged.

…students and staff should work together to create a positive learning

experience based upon the various learning styles in our school.

…the school environment should foster respect and tolerance for the

cultural diversity of our global community.

…staff members should strive to implement a program of new ideas

and positive change.