Winner winner, chicken dinner! This month, students are learning about the different awards in childrens literature. They will be designing their own awards and nominating their favourite books.
4 days ago, Meagheanne Donahue
Some of our award winning books are on display in the library.
I introduced several literary awards that authors and illustrators might win.
Our award winning book display continues.
Students will be creating and bestowing their own awards this month.
Learning about the first irrigation systems!
6 days ago, Jessica Badorini
Reading with partners
Let’s go back in the text!
How can we answer the question completely?
5/6 wrote partner paragraphs full of adjectives!
13 days ago, Jessica Badorini
Reading the story!
Unpack your adjectives!
Solo paragraph!
Snow Day for Monday, January 23rd! Stay safe and warm!
14 days ago, Tracey Tierney
3/4 students exploring some classroom STEM activities during our fun half-day Friday! #curiosityfeedsthebrain
17 days ago, Kim Wells
What do you do when you lose your voice as a teacher? Have these awesome students run Morning Meeting! They did great! 😀
17 days ago, Kim Wells
It's beautifully snowy on our mountain today!🌨
25 days ago, Erica LeGrand
Recess time!!!
Vocabulary group students use their workbooks to create flash cards before studying for their quiz.
25 days ago, Meagheanne Donahue
Vocabulary students prepare for their quiz by creating flash cards .
3/4 making models of earth and the 5 layers of the atmosphere!
26 days ago, Kim Wells
Finding adjectives in our novel study and playing “trashketball” for house points 🪄🧙🏻
26 days ago, Jessica Badorini
Learning the rules
Going back in the novel
She shoots, she scores!
Gung hay fat choy ! Wishing you great happiness and prosperity! 2023 will be the Year of the Rabbit on the Chinese lunar calendar. Check out our library display! One of the Book Bingo squares that students were missing was “Read a book about another country.” The library invites them to read about China as we enter into the Chinese New Year.
26 days ago, Meagheanne Donahue
Many of the books on display also have red covers.
Gung hay fat choy!
What year were YOU born in ?
Happy Chinese New Year !
A cool new math game to practice our multiplication facts!
27 days ago, Kim Wells
More Fun with Google Jamboard!
about 1 month ago, Tracey Tierney
children on computer
children on computers
children on computers
children on computers
Using JamBoard to collaborate on character analysis! 🪄
about 1 month ago, Jessica Badorini
We’re better together!
Group coloring makes it even more fun! 🖍️🎨
about 2 months ago, Kim Wells
A fun day at school!
about 2 months ago, Erica LeGrand
Our visit from Santa Leo!
It’s always nice to have an extra helper in the classroom!
about 2 months ago, Kim Wells
Our classroom Shout Out wall.
about 2 months ago, Meagheanne Donahue
A student writes out a Shout Out for a classmate.
Shout Outs for 5/6.
Our Shout Out board.
Friends helping friends study for our spelling quiz! 👍
about 2 months ago, Kim Wells
Please use this link ( for the Food and Meal Site listing for the Berkshires as an additional resource for folks who may need support during this time. Next North Adams distribution will be on January 6th.
about 2 months ago, School News
north berkshire ymca food pantry